41 Hewitt Road

This is a rambling Victorian House in North London, it is not clear whether the inhabitants have left or are still there. The walls, covered with paintings and scribbles that seem to be the hand of children, crumble in parts. There are notes on the walls too and a fireplace decorated with cut outs from magazines. The book contains two series' colour photographs, one a set of empty chaotic rooms the other a set of objects (from the Hewitt Road Archive) photographed in a cardboard box studio, the project also includes a set of email responses to the question "Do you remember 41 Hewitt Road ?" from people who had visited the house. The photographer (Fox) works like an archaeologist discovering a deserted house – who was it that lived in this place? The work seems to ask.
Merging fact and fiction within the domestic setting Fox explores her relationship to her own home and the fragmented lifestyles that exist within this shared London home.

Monograph published by The Photographers Gallery and Impressions 2010

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