'Basingstoke booms. Basingstoke, music hall joke of old, now jewel in the crown of the M3/M4 hi-tech corridor'.
Basingstoke Gazette 1986

'This newly generated wealth will percolate to the rest of the country'.
Basingstoke Gazette 1985

'Hardly a week seems to go by without news of yet another local leaving town'.
Basingstoke Gazette 1985

'This town needs love says priest'.
Basingstoke Gazette 1985

'To summarise, Basingstoke has a strong and developing sense of social unity. But there is a disturbing level of social upsets and something lacking in social vitality'.
Survey of life in Basingstoke

'Since arriving here, we have  watched with horror as the shops have slowly disappeared, and with total lack of thought, a menagerie of jewellers, shoe-shops and electrical appliances have slowly taken over, selling electrical monsters'.
Letter to Basingstoke Gazette 1985

'Basingstoke is creating wealth and wealth pays for our social dreams'.
Basingstoke Gazette 1986


Colour photographs with text captions, a critical observation of Basingstoke life during the late 80’s.
Includes urban landscapes, home interiors, people, office life, leisure and shopping.
Captions taken from publicity material, interviews and newspaper articles.
The work was all made during the final year at West Surrey College of Art & Design (now University for the Creative Arts) and demonstrates the commencement of Fox’s interest in the use of satire created through a combination of image and text and influenced by her interest in both comedy and literature. This work was made whilst Fox was studying with Martin Parr, Paul Graham and Karen Knorr and distinctly reflects the teaching of this influential group.