Notes from Home
This series was made when Fox returned (from London) to live in the village of Selborne, Hampshire – near to where she was born.
'I moved back to the area where I grew up, and found myself immediately surrounded by village life. I started to look more closely at the domestic life going on in our new house, and began to construct photo stories about these very simple activities. Each story has its own title and was made in collaboration with another member of the household.'
The work has been constructed as an installation; a series of hand made concertina books displayed on shelves resembling shelves from a domestic interior. Each book contains a series of photographs from the domestic interior separately titled as individual narratives: Gifts from the Cat; Making Cakes; Pete’s Food and Flowers; Super Snacks; The Rise and Fall of Father Christmas.
Rural life has become one of the fundamental subjects of Fox’s work over the last 30 years. Born in Hampshire and growing up there her work reflects a keen interest in revealing aspects of country life in Southern England that are usually ignored by photographers.

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Gifts from the Cat
Making Cakes
Pete's Food and Flowers
Super Snacks
The Rise and Fall of Father Christmas