The Rise and Fall of Father Christmas

Notes from Home
The Rise and Fall of Father Christmas

Moving back to the country from the city had been strange to start with, we moved in 1999. Felix and Louis, my sons, were not used to playing outside, and the three of us spent loads of nights squashed in front of the television with trays on our laps for dinner. In 2003 Felix decided to make a life-size model of Father Christmas for the village art competition, it was a slow and often irritating affair. At one point the figure was so life-like, standing upright in the middle of the kitchen, it made me jump, with fright, each time I came in the back door – he looked like a wild vagrant.
Father Christmas won the competition and was exhibited in the church over the holiday period. When he returned he was discarded in the back yard. For weeks it rained, on and off, and he melted slowly.
One day, after the rain had gone, I came home to find an arrow shot through his heart, later he was flattened and then, in the end, they set fire to him.

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