'Having a secretary is a status symbol'.
Eric Webster - How to Win the Business Battle 1964

'Enjoy the benefits that have made an international success story... make stress work for you'.
Advertisement 1986

'Strength, stamina and precision had kept him on top'.
Business 1987

'Fortunes are being made that are in line with the dreams of avarice'.
Business 1987

'There is nothing wrong with avarice as a motive, as long as it doesn't lead to dishonest or antisocial conduct'.
Business 1986

'Should a competitor threaten to kill a sale, the modem would provide a lifeline back to base computer'.
Business 1986

'If we don't foul up no-one can touch us'.
Computer weekly 1987


Celebrating the killings.

Work Stations

Colour photographs with text captions. A study of London office life in the late 80’s, a critical observation of the highly competitive character of working life in Thatcher’s Britain this work extends Fox’s earlier interest in working with text an image.
Commissioned by Camerawork and The Museum of London in 1987.
Published by Camerawork in 1988 with an essay by Sunil Gupta.
ISBN: 1 871103 00 2